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Prospect Research Students

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The MemBEST group is looking for high-caliber potential PhD students. If you fulfill one or more of the following criteria, you are welcome to email your CV to to discuss the potential opportunities.

  • Strong research track record, strong publications, curiosity and passion for a research-based career, good command of English and presentation skills

  • Top student (e.g., 1st Class Honor holder; 10% in class ranking; etc.) from one of the best universities in your country [This criterion is essential for HKPF and HKU-PS applicants]

  • Degree in environmental chemistry, chemical engineering, material engineering, mechanical engineering, or other relevant disciplines

  • Relevant experience in membrane materials/fabrication/processes is a plus but not compulsory

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) Scheme

HKPF is one of the most prestigious PhD scholarship in Hong Kong, aiming at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies. The fellowship provides highly attractive financial support (also see that for HKU-PF below). For more information about HKPF, please visit: 

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme | Research Grants Council (

Scholarship, Funding and Fees - Prospective Students - HKU Graduate School

To meet the tight application datelines, the departmental dateline is 31 Oct each year. Send in your CV well before the dateline!

HKU Presidential Fellowship (HKU-PF) Scheme

In order to attract top candidates from around the world to pursue full-time PhD studies at HKU, the HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship offers the most prestigious package to selected outstanding full-time PhD students admitted to The University of Hong Kong. Each HKU-PS awardee received approximately HKD400,000 per year (see details). 

The application for HKPF is available all year around, although priority will be given to those who send in their CVs before 31 Oct. When you apply for HKPF through HKU, you will be automatically considered for HKU-PF simultaneously. No separate application is needed.

Other Scholarship Schemes

Limited number of scholarships are available. Application is open year round. Write to Prof. CY Tang to discuss potential opportunities.

See more information at:

Scholarship, Funding and Fees - Prospective Students - HKU Graduate School


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