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What is the OMD?

The Open Membrane Database (OMD) is an open-access, crowd-sourced resource with the performance and properties of 651 reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. The interactive charts and search functions allow easy data exploration and comparison of membrane performance, physicochemical properties and synthesis conditions. 


Researchers are encouraged to upload their latest membrane performance results (see Submit a Membrane) to update the OMD with state-of-the-art membrane technologies. Only data published in peer-reviewed journals, patents, or commercial product datasheets is allowed on the database to provide quality control.

Want to know more? Read our OMD paper and visit the OMD site:

Relevant papers:

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Yang, Z.; Guo, H.; Tang, C. Y., The upper bound of thin-film composite (TFC) polyamide membranes for desalination. Journal of Membrane Science 2019, 590, 117297. (

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