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Abstract Submission: 
We sincerely invite you to submit abstracts (in English, using the template provided) before March 31, 2023 (submission 

Topics include but are not limited to:


Membrane-based Separations (Session Chairs)

  • Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Forward Osmosis (Zhe Yang/ Hao Guo/ Ruobin Dai)

  • Membrane Transport Phenomena and Process Simulation (Weiyi Li/ Li Wang/ Feiyun Sun/ Xianhui Li)

  • Electro-driven Membrane Technology and Ion-exchange Membrane(Yaoming Wang/ Yan Zhao/ Jiangnan Shen)

  • Two-dimensional Membrane Materials and Processes(Yanying Wei/ Kaige Zhou/ Xin Li)

  • Novel Membrane Materials and Processes(Yanshuo Li/ Gongping Liu/ Zhongde Dai)

  • Inorganic Membrane for Gas and Liquid Separations(Yi Liu/ Xuefeng Zhu)

  • Membrane Fabrication and Characterization(Fusheng Pan/ Xuesong Li/ Junyong Zhu)

  • Membrane-based Gas Separations and CO2 Capture(Yatao Zhang/ Heqing Jiang/ Xuerui Wang/ Canghai Ma)

  • Membrane Distillation, Pervaporation, Hydrophobic Membrane, and Processes(Xiaobin Jiang/ Shuangliang Zhao/ Jiahui Shao/ Zhangxin Wang)

  • Integrated Membrane Processes and Membrane Antifouling Strategies (Hongjun Lin/ Shipeng Sun/ Peng-Fei Sun)

  • Membrane-based Water and Energy Applications(Yi Huang/ Xin Tong)

  • Bio-inspired Ion Transport Channel(Shuang Zheng/ Jianquan Luo)


Adsorption-based Separations (Session Chairs)

  • Biomass, bioproduct, and bioenergy (Benkun Qi/Ranil Wickramasinghe/Xiaoqing Lin)

  • Adsoption-based Gas Separation and CO2 capture (Chunfei Wu/Jin Shang/Yanguang Chen/Xia Jiang)

  • Resource Recovery (Yu Liu/Chao He/Jianming Pan)

  • Heavy Metal Removal (Chongchen Wang/Zhongying Wang/Jing Xiao)

  • Adsorptive Separation of Hydrocarbons (Linbin Sun/Jin Shang/Zongbi Bao)


Green and Sustainable Separation and Purification Technology (Session Chairs)

  • Data Science/Artificial Intelligence for Membrane- and Sorbent-based Separation and Purification Technology (Yongsheng Chen/Xiaonan Wang)

  • Electrochemical Separation (Jinxing Ma/Changyong Zhang/Xiaowei Yang/Xiaogang Hao)

  • Extractive Separations (Qiwei Yang/Joao A. P. Coutinho/Xiaoqing Lin)

  • Ions Separation (Yong Wang/Shihong Lin/Yan Zhao)

  • Crystallization and Evaporation (Xiaobin Jiang/Xin Gao)

  • Advanced Distillation (Xin Gao/Weifeng Shen)

  • Ionic liquid: Novel Separation and Reaction Processes (Jianji Wang/ Hongyan He)

  • Oil/Water Separation (Wangliang Li/Shuang Zheng/Liangliang Dong)

  • Bioseparations toward Bioenergy and Biopharmaceutical Industry (Jianquan Luo /Andrew Zydney/Siavash Darvishmanesh)

  • Advanced Oxidation Technology (Xiyan Xu/Baiwen Ma)

  • 3D printing technology for novel membrane technology and structuring absorbents (Jin Shang/Zhe Yang/Libo Li)

Excellent Doctoral Student Forum


Excellent Postdoctoral Forum

Award settings:

The forum will set up GBA-SPT 2023 Young Scientist Award, Best Presentation Award and other awards, and Elsevier will issue a certificate of award signed by the chairman of the conference.



Paper Publication Opportunities:

The organizing committee of the forum will select excellent papers from the abstracts of the conference and recommend them to Elsevier's flagship journal Separation and Purification Technology to submit full-text papers for publication. SPT Separation and Purification Technology Journal (Separation and Purification Technology, Top of JCR Q1 Area, 2022 Chinese Academy of Sciences Division: Top Journal of Engineering Technology Area 1, 2021 JCR Impact Factor: 9.136, ISSN: 1383-5866) is published by Elsevier Press, an internationally renowned journal dedicated to the dissemination of new methods for the separation and purification of homogeneous solutions and heterogeneous mixtures in chemical engineering and environmental engineering.

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